Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons

“Callie, you are a Patient, Clear, and Gifted Teacher; I would follow you anywhere!” – Elaine G

Callie teaches horseback riding lessons to all riders.  Whether you’re a beginner, lifelong rider, competitive rider, or former rider looking to get back in the saddle, you’ll benefit from Callie Klein’s easy, direct, and proven techniques.  Harness the confidence to ride where you want, when you want, and get the most out of the time you spend with your horse and your friends. “My specific strength as an instructor is an ability to explain horsemanship and riding in simple and understandable terms.”

Callie’s credentials include Certified Centered Riding® Instructor (Internationally Recognized Organization),  Straightness Training Mastery Student, Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) Train The Trainers Graduate, Professional Trainer with North American Western Dressage, North American Western Dressage Western Dressage 1-2-3 Video Clinics Curriculum Committee, Natural Horsemanship Levels Certifications.

Lessons are designed to improve your riding skills and competency while boosting your enjoyment of riding overall.  You’ll gain confidence and positive authority in the saddle with Callie’s certified teaching methods and proven exercises from Centered Riding, Natural Horsemanship, Dressage and Western Dressage.  Centered Riding exercises are a modern and unique way of teaching the classical principles of riding through balance, body awareness, imagery, and communication. These unique riding lessons are designed to help you achieve an easier and smoother riding experience, a superior understanding of your horse, and a new sense of certainty on horseback.

Besides faith in your new abilities, you’ll learn to ride with better hands, improve your balance, and give more respectful aids by building a solid and secure foundation through Callie’s lessons and horseback riding clinics. You will attain lightness in both the saddle and the soul while developing a more harmonious and effective language with your horse.   Your improved riding ability will reduce muscle soreness and strain for you and your horse will love you for it!


The learning environment is supportive and the atmosphere is very easy-going. Riding lessons begin with ground simulations to help you get the ‘feel’ of things.  This’ll help you focus on your body movement, posture, and physical presence while giving you a clear, and often surprising, idea of what your body language communicates to the horse.  Ground simulations help you discover how your movements and behavior help, hinder, or otherwise influence your horse’s own movements and behavior.  Then you mount up and get to riding!  You will ride patterns, learn about how to move your body with the horse in every gait, walk, trot and canter.  Creating a strong foundation for you and your horse is always the focus.  With a broad and strong foundation, you can build upon it to do anything you want.

As your level of experience and confidence progresses, so do your lessons. Next you can expect to explore riding patterns with mobility, flexibility and  collectability, transitions, lateral work and bending, all designed to help you and your horse get stronger and better.

Each lesson will vary, and depending on your experience, skill and ability, can rapidly progress to a level you will be surprised about.

And in the midst of the Riding Lessons, Callie always teaches Horsemanship Skills.  You will learn how to handle your horse more effectively and will see how the relationship with your horse will grow into a strong, dependable and exciting partnership.

Plan Your Next “Best Ride Ever!

Lessons are scheduled by phone or email.

Call 702-326-9440 or email info@callieklein.com

Per Hour Instruction: (Ask for Discount Packages when you contact me)

$65 Private Lesson on Lesson Horse, ($50 for lesson, $15 for horse use)

$50 Private Lesson on Your Horse plus $15 Travel Fee to Your Location under 10 miles

Discounts for 4 lessons packages purchased

Horsemanship & Groundwork $55 Private Lesson (includes use of Lesson horse), $35 for Group of Two Students (your horses), $30 for Group of Three Students (your horses)


Riding itself is easy enough, but riding well is not.  Every step of the way, I explain what to do, why it’s done, and how to do it. I will help you grasp concepts easily, quickly, and completely. I work hard to simplify even complicated ideas and riding theories because it’s that knowledge that will help you perform and enrich your overall riding experience for the rest of your life.

My background in Natural Horsemanship informs the way I instruct. I teach about the natural ways that horses communicate among one other, how horses understand humans, and how you can develop communication and create harmony with your horse—on and off the saddle. My own experience has taught me much about the language of horses and horseback riding (and, thankfully, there’s always more to discover).

With my new Training as a Western Dressage clinician, I’ve enjoyed working with students on the foundation of western dressage techniques and principles.  My Western Dressage clinics have been a really fun and a valuable platform for learning.  Our virtual shows are an awesome and low-key opportunity to get a certified judge’s feedback without the pressure or high cost of attending a show.

I’m truly blessed to be able to share my passion and knowledge with my clients, and I hope to pass on some of that knowledge to you.”

My favorite quote is from Steinbrect who wrote, “If the art [of horses] were not so difficult we would have plenty of good riders and excellently ridden horses, but as it is the art requires, in addition to everything else, character traits that are not combined in everyone: inexhaustible patience, firm perseverance under stress, courage combined with quiet alertness. If the seed is present only a true, deep love for the horse can develop these character traits to the height that alone will lead to the goal.”

I would like to thank Katyann Davidson for her professional photography in the header of this website and for the picture of me and Primo and Rai on the bio page.  Katyann is an extremely caring individual who loves horses and has a true gift and refined skill for phenomenal photography.  Thank you Katyann!  You make the dream of horses come to light and life in your photos!


-Callie Klein, Centered Riding Instructor

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