Lessons and Training

Lessons and Training

Master Your Riding

Learn to ride in harmony with your horse with ease and grace.  Build confidence and take your riding abilities to the next level.  Cloud Nine Ranch offers a safe, professional, and supportive environment to refine your riding skills and enhance your horse’s athleticism.

When you improve your own balance, lighten your aids and communicate with finesse, you will see the difference in yourself and your horse immediately.

Either western or english disciplines are included:   Classical Dressage, Western Dressage, Pleasure riding, Endurance, and Trail Riding.

What you can Expect from your Lessons

The learning environment is supportive and fun.  You will learn the proper and correct riding aids from the beginning so you will develop good habits that will last a lifetime.

We always focus on developing an Independent Seat which is paramount for balance and stability.

Each lesson will vary, and depending on your experience, skill and ability, and can rapidly progress to lateral movement and canter with proper balance and skill.

Lessons often begin with ground simulations to help you  focus on your body movement, posture, and physical presence while giving you a clear, and often surprising, idea of what your body language communicates to the horse. You will mount and ride with a new sense of awareness in your body to support your new learning.

If you are a dressage rider, dressage patterns will be ridden and you will learn how to properly execute the movements with an emphasis on following the foundation of the dressage training pyramid and old master’s dressage training from the classical dressage trainers.

 What Makes Callie Different

Callie takes the time to listen to what your goals are and what is important to you as a rider.  She will watch you ride and diagnose what you need to work on in your riding to improve your seat, balance and communication with your horse.

Callie has been trained to teach according to your natural learning style and will modify her method of teaching to help your skill level improve with ease.

Callie also discusses horse training and psychology so you really learn how and why to communicate clearly, fairly, and effectively with your horse.  Only then can the partnership between you and your horse grow in harmony.

Callie Klein teaches methods from proven training systems used around the world by world top level riders:  Centered Riding, Natural Horsemanship and Classical Dressage.  These techniques, when used correctly, help both horse and rider in any discipline.


Callie also teaches gymnastic groundwork and the horse’s language for those wanting to learn the deeper level of horse training – correct body language, use of energy or martial arts, positioning, balance and respect.

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