Riding and Horsemanship

Riding and Horsemanship

Master Your Horseback Riding and Horsemanship Skills

Interested in improving your horseback riding, horsemanship, and harmony with your horse?  Would you like to take your horse’s athleticism to the next level? It’s simple:  When you improve your own balance, riding aids, body language and communication, you will see the difference in your horse immediately!  If you want to refine your skills so you can ride easier, elevate your groundwork, or get your liberty work to sparkle, this is the place to experience how surprising the results can be.  You will learn to communicate using simple and effective techniques that really work!

Callie Klein teaches English and Western riders of every breed with proven methods that can be used every day.  Callie is all about the Education of Horse and Rider, from beginners to riders who compete.  And if you do compete, you will improve your scores and time because your horse will get more mentally balanced and physically strong.  By learning to have and use clear intent and proper use of legs and seat, your horse will respond much easier and without heavy use of hands and legs while developing self carriage and lightness.

I only teach riders with their own horses at this time.   If you are looking for a one-time trail ride or to run barrels as fast as you can kick your horse to go, this is not the place for you.  

What Makes Callie Different

Callie teaches riders how to move their own body in harmony with the horse which helps the horse’s movement and fluidity.  By using imagery and martial arts techniques, riders and horse improve their balance and movement dramatically.  Callie teaches the rider why and how things work.  She found in her own experience that the why and how was missing in her own lessons so she set out to change the experience for her students.

Callie also teaches horsemanship throughout her lessons so her students really learn how to communicate clearly, fairly, and effectively with their horse.  This way, the horse responds with a happy attitude and feels good about his work.  Only then can the partnership between horse and rider begin as a dialogue, not as just the rider commanding the horse to do things.

Training Methods Used:

  • Centered Riding
  • Horsemanship
  • Martial Arts
  • Classical Dressage and Western Dressage
  • Straightness Training
  • Horse Psychology

Western Riding Lesson

What you can Expect from your Horseback Riding Lessons

The learning environment is supportive and fun. Lessons begin with ground simulations to help you  focus on your body movement, posture, and physical presence while giving you a clear, and often surprising, idea of what your body language communicates to the horse. Then you will ride patterns, learn about how to move your body with the horse in every gait, walk, trot and canter.  Each lesson will vary, and depending on your experience, skill and ability, can rapidly progress to competition if desired.

Callie empowers you with the knowledge and skill you need to replicate what you learned in your lessons.

Horsemanship Skills

Callie also teaches gymnastic groundwork training for those wanting to learn the deeper level of horse training – correct horse biomechanics, body language, energy, positioning, balance and respect.  You will see the change in your horse physically, mentally and emotionally.

Horsemanship Lesson

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