Master Your Riding with Callie

Master Your Riding with Callie

As a Certified Centered Riding Instructor, Callie teaches you to improve your riding skills and ability while improving your horse’s physical balance, athleticism and mental relaxation.

With simple and proven riding techniques appropriate for any riding discipline (Western or English), Callie teaches all levels of rider with any horse.

Callie takes the time to listen to your goals and what’s important to you as a rider (and trainer).  She will watch you ride, train and work with your horse, then make recommendations to help you improve the effectiveness of your relationship and communication with your horse.  Together you will set out a plan to achieve your goals.  Callie recommends taking two lessons per week to develop and refine your skills and to eliminate poor habits.

  • Riders must have their own horse
  • All ages and skill levels welcome
  • Bring your horse to Callie at Cloud Nine Ranch or she will come to you
  • Only Certified Centered Riding™ Instructor in Nevada
  • Private or group Lessons available
  • Ask about packages and discounts

What Makes Callie Different

Many riding instructors only tell riders what to do, but Callie teaches you the what, how and why of training and riding, so you will become a competent rider and trainer on your own, able to diagnose problems and then know how to fix them.

Callie uses gentle training methods and techniques in her teaching.  The riding systems she incorporates while teaching are:

  • Centered Riding™ which teaches the 4+2 Riding Basics, from martial arts to attain an independent, harmonious riding seat; and
  • Classical Dressage which develops a horse to its ability as an athlete: maximum performance with a minimum of effort.
  • Natural Horsemanship, which lays the foundation for horse training and mental relaxation;

These systems are well-known and respected around the world.

Horse Riding Lessons in Northwest Las Vegas

Located in northwest Las Vegas, Callie has a ranch where you can bring your horse, or you may speak to her about traveling to your location.

A Note From Callie

“When I was taking lessons as an adult in a new discipline, I could ride competently during the lesson, I had trouble replicating the ‘techniques’  outside of the lesson. I felt I was not gaining understanding because I wasn’t being taught the “reason for” or the “why”  behind the aids:  it was as if I was just trying to remember the technique by itself without the more important “context,” the “why.”  My horse became confused and I became frustrated.  Then I decided to learn documented and accessible riding styles and teach riders to become independent and competent on their own.  This is what led me to Centered Riding,™ and Straightness Training™, two of the most comprehensive riding and training programs in the world today.  I wanted my students to be able to do home-study to progress faster if they wanted to.  I observed through the years that students who study at home progress much faster.”

Callie provides her students the freedom to learn not just the “what to do” but the “how and why,” so they can become independent thinkers and riders.

​Callie has a passion for sharing her love and knowledge about horses with others.