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Las Vegas and Henderson Public Equestrian Parks

Las Vegas and Henderson Public Equestrian Parks

Horseback Riding at Bradley Equestrian Park

Horseback Riding at Bradley Equestrian Park

​Have you ever wanted to just load up the horses and take them to a park but weren’t sure where to go and what to expect when you arrived?      

This article ​contains ​basic information about a some of the Public Equestrian Parks in Las Vegas and Henderson.  For more details about a specific park, visit the park website or call the park’s managing entity.   Most of the information you need is available on the website. The parks are owned or managed by different government entities or management groups but it helps to know as much as you can so you can plan your day for success!

​Horseman’s Park​ 

5800 E. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89122 - 702-455-8206

Horseman’s Park is located in southeast Clark County with easy access from US 93/95, I-515 off the Flamingo Rd Exit.  The largest public equestrian park in Clark County, in the Southeast side of town, Horseman’s Park boasts 38 acres of space with all the amenities  needed for a major event.  Many of the horse shows are held at Horseman’s Park throughout the year.   It is a one-stop, all-inclusive facility, designed for a Professional Event from Rodeos, to Team Roping, to Jumping, to Barrels, to Vaulting, to Bull Sales.  

The Main Arena, with a seating capacity of 2800 and ADA accessibility, the Flamingo Arena, (with seating for 400) a cutting arena, two practice arenas, corrals and livestock pens, wash racks, restrooms and showers, oversize parking, picnic area with open turf, show offices, announcer’s stand, 320 stalls, RV parking with electricity are both available for your event.

Special pricing is available for Youth or Community Events.  The Park offers nearby lodging, and even offers overnight boarding for travelers.    ​

Western Trails Equestrian Park

7500 Cameron Street, Las Vegas, NV  89139 - (702) 455-8200

​Western Trails Equestrian Park is located in southwest Clark County with easy access from I-15 off the Blue Diamond Exit.   The park sits on nine acres of manicured arena, a round pen, a dressage court and bridle paths that wind around inside the park.   There’s an amphitheater in this park too!  Park hours are 6 am to 11 pm on a first-come, first-served basis.  It truly is a clean, comfortable, wide open park. 

Check out the Western Trails Neighborhood Park Facebook Page to see what they are all about!

​Bradley Bridle Park

8225 N Bradley Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89131 - (702) 229-6718

Bradley Bridle Park is very convenient if you live in the North side of town, and is easily accessible from I-215 and Bradley Rd Exit.   The park is on the corner of Horse and Bradley Rd.  This is a great park with desert area close by for those who love the trail!   Bradley Bridle Park is owned and operated by the City of Las Vegas.  

You can make reservations for equestrian special events and to reserve a picnic pavilion but otherwise, it is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Bradley Bridle Park has a large arena with lights and bleacher seating, two roundpens, one lighted, a covered stall, restrooms, a perimeter trail, and three shaded picnic areas.   ​

​Floyd Lamb Park

9200 Tule Springs Rd., Las Vegas, NV  89131 - (702) 229-6718

Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs is a large day-use only facility on the Northwest side of the valley easy access off Durango and the 95.  ​ This is a nice park if you are interested in riding on the trails around the park or into the desert, but does not have riding arenas, round pens or stalls.  Tables and grills are located throughout the park, some covered cluster sites are available for small groups.  All areas are on a first-come, first served basis.  

Groups of 25 or more require advance reservations for use of group use areas.  Park gate hours are 8 am to 8 pm May thru August, and 9 am to 5 pm September thru April.   Park Fees are:  Daily Per Car:  $6 including car and horse trailer.   

​Equestrian Park South

1200 Equestrian Dr., Henderson, NV - (702)267-4000

Equestrian Park South is a large park in Henderson​m, is located off Boulder Hwy, Equestrian Drive and Magic Way.  Operated by the City of Henderson, this is a really nice and clean park with fabulous views of the desert and mountains.  Boasting 170 acres, 1.8 mile dirt horse path, a paved biking/walking trail, with parking for horse trailers, open grass area and restrooms, this is a wonderful equestrian facility.  

In addition, the park features three adjoining loops, a 1.4 mile equestrian trail to the north which connects Saguaro Park, Equestrian Park South, Equestrian Park North, Equestrian Trailhead, and River Mountains Loop Trail. The hours are 6:00 am – midnight.   ​

I hope this information has been useful.  

Wherever you decide to ride, be safe, have fun and above all, enjoy your time with your horse!

Callie Klein, Riding Instructor

Walk Through Horses, Make Them Move Like The Alpha Does!

Walk Through Horses, Make Them Move Like The Alpha Does!

Today I was cleaning the grass turnout and my lesson-horse, Trixie, was really interested in joining me!  It was kind of interesting because as I was returning to the main arena, Trixie just stood there in front of me!  She’s the herd-alpha, by the way!  I asked her to move and she just stood there – whew, a little dominance move on her part!  So, I asked her to move again by touching her shoulders and neck area with my savvy string (Zone 2 in Parelli-language).  Then, she yielded her forehand, stepped sideways with her front feet, backed up, and moved over for me!   Yes, Trixie needed to move out of my way.   It’s much more savvy to have your horse move out of your way than for you to walk around your horse!

I learned from a natural horseman, years back, that when you want to go somewhere and the horse is standing in the way, it’s imperative to cause them to yield to you, meaning move, no matter how small it seems.  Horses Always move out of the way for the alpha!  If I want to go to the water tank, I just go there, and if there’s a horse in the way, it needs to just move over.  Too many times we walk around our horses and give them the right-of-way!  Oops!   Important!  This is another way to build leadership and healthy authority with our horses!

Stay cool!

Riding in Las Vegas can be Challenging in the Wind

Riding in Las Vegas can be Challenging in the Wind

Have you ever noticed a horse’s increased level of sensitivity in the wind? Have you ever just had to perform, like in a show?  Isn’t it cool when you Just Do It and your horse Just Does It too?   I love that!  You just focus, your horse focuses in on your thoughts, your determination, your Clear Intention, and then, wow, you are in your own separate world, just you and your horse.

I’ve been riding a lot in the wind lately because, well, there’s not much choice here in Las Vegas – spring winds are now part of the norm.   As I’m riding I’m trying to remember if in the past these winds really bothered us or bothered us just a little.    I remember one time when I was riding with a Grand Prix Instructor – it was a very special time for me – and yes, special kind of relates to the price I have to pay!   Oh well.    It was early morning and it was very cold (I almost said freezing cold, but that’s rare here).  The wind was blowing and  gusting like crazy.  Oh yes, I remember too that the HOA had a volunteer party in the arena and they were blowing the leaves away, running their tractor, and there was a yappy little chihuahua in the background barking and barking, in addition to the wind!  But my horse was amazing as usual.  He was just focused in on our task – which was to just be present and not blow up in the wind – keep us safe, perform whatever forward trot we could, consider and think about what a half halt is or might be cuz we had never heard that term before.   Isn’t it funny that I can’t remember much of what I heard from the instructor that day but I can remember everything else including that little doggie!  I do love doggies!

This is written with the best intentions – you can ride in the wind!  Your horse can focus on your Clear Intentions in the wind.  It’s up to you to be the leader.  It’s up to you to be calm.  It’s up to you to create the positive vibration you want your horse to feel.

Happy Horseback Riding in Las Vegas!