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How Do We Train Our Horses?

How Do We Train Our Horses?

I think one of the most difficult tasks as a Dressage Rider is to determine what’s the most important thing to do for my horse’s and my training each day I ride.

I’m an insatiable learner, constantly listening to instructors, reading, watching others.  I just love to learn.  I recently ordered a series of videos created by Walter Zettle, a world-class instructor and rider, and low and behold, there was my answer. In Walter’s series titled “A Matter of Trust,” he guides you through the training scale for dressage horses and explains each one in depth. Not only does he describe what’s going on, he has many riders with horses at different levels to watch so you can see what he’s talking about.

No matter what we are searching for, if we are patient, the answer will appear.