Riding Lesson FAQ’s

Riding Lesson FAQ’s

Do you teach Advanced, Beginning or Intermediate Horseback Riding Lessons?

Yes, I teach beginning horseback riding lessons all the way up to advanced riding lessons.   I can teach you how to catch your horse, saddle him, bridle him, and ride him.  I teach you the basics of how to stop, walk, backup, trot and canter using very clear and consistent cues.   I help you learn effective cues to use with your horse, and how to be kind and fair to him while you are riding.   The Four Basics of Centered Riding help in the beginning all the way up to Advanced Riding.  And it’s possible to learn a lot while walking your horse or working on the ground, so we work together and keep you safe and confident while learning the most simple and easy cues to get positive results with your horse on the ground and in the saddle.

When you have mastered some basic riding skills, we move into using the basic skills more efficiently and effectively at faster gates such as trot and canter.

After that, we work on finesse and refinement with your riding skills, such as Leg Yield, Shoulder-In, Walk to Canter Departs, and riding with your Energy and Intention instead of only aids.    You learn to gather your energy and use your Center for riding with finesse.  It’s a lot of fun and exhilarating when you feel the power of the horse!

What is different about Horseback Riding Lessons using Centered Riding®Techniques?

Since horseback riding is a dynamic sport, meaning you are mobile and moving while riding, it makes sense to learn about the best way to move your body to prevent injury and to improve your ability to move so you can become a better rider.  Centered Riding®techniques stem from the martial arts techniques which help you to improve your movement which then improves your riding.

Why would I take Horseback Riding Lessons with you if I ride Western?

Learning to improve your movement while horseback will help you ride better in any discipline.  Since these techniques focus on you and your body and while training your horse, you become more focused, aware, and in tune with what you are doing in your body, which results in more a more balanced and relaxed horse.  Improving your balance, stabilization, and confidence helps your horse improve his balance, relaxation and confidence – no matter what discipline or sport you choose.

Do you have a Lesson Horse I can use?

No, I do not have a lesson horse.  I teach you with your horse at my property or yours.

I also teach “Free-lance,” and come to you in Las Vegas.  It is very beneficial to teach you while riding your horse so you can see and feel positive results and begin to recognize feedback from your horse.   Since I can “come to you,” you and your horse will be in your most comfortable environment thereby enhancing relaxation, enjoyment, and results.

Do you know Natural Horsemanship and what do I need to know about that?

Yes, I understand, use, and teach Natural Horsemanship principles and techniques.  Natural Horsemanship is communicating with a horse in a manner they understand, what is Natural to them.  It is a terrific way to learn how horses think, communicate, and how a horse is motivated.   By improving our understanding of the horse, we can improve our ability to ride, work and play with them.   With my background in Natural Horsemanship, I can help you learn what motivates a horse, what de-motivates a horse, how the horse learns, how the horse learns best, how to read a horse that is calm and engaging or one that is flighty and distracted.   I teach you how a horse learns and how he learns from you!  You are teaching your horse every moment you are with him!  Understand how he learns and become an excellent teacher, teaching him in excellence.

How long do I need to learn the basics of Horseback Riding?

Great question!  You will use basic riding techniques and skills throughout your horseback riding career.  No matter how advanced a rider you become, you will always use and improve your basic riding skills.  One of the great things about Centered Riding®is that when you are using the Four Basics, you will get big results from your horse by using your basics more subtly and lightly as you progress.   The other amazing thing about the Four Basics is that horses respect it.  If you’re having trouble with your horse, it is highly likely there is something missing from the use of your basics.  Centered Riding’s®four basics are Breathing, Soft Eyes, Centering, and Building Blocks.  In recent years, two more have been added, Clear Intent and Grounding.    The very best riders continually work on and improve their Breathing, their body alignment (Building Blocks), check in with their Intention, and make sure their focus, whether it is with their eyes or their body, is soft.  These basics are forever improvable and are what we use every day when we ride.   For more information, go to:   www.centeredriding.org

I also teach riding basics and traditional aids such as your “whoa” and “go” cues.   We work together to build solid rein cues so that you become effective and consistent with your horse’s mouth.  Communication with your seat, your legs, and your hands are very important to your horse and we will always work on improving your skills in each lesson.

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