The Freedom To Choose

The Freedom To Choose

This new ‘Choice-Based’ training is just that: it’s new and it’s choice-based! Too simple, I get it. What I mean is that it’s pretty new for horsemanship, that a horse can actually have, or be allowed a choice to participate or not in its training. Who knew? In the past, I was always focused on the training, the asking, the obedience, and then the reward – which was release, reward, relax. But now I’ve discovered there’s ACTUALLY MORE!!! Could it be true that there’s more than just having a well-trained obedient horse? I tell you today, there IS more!

The freedom to choose comes to both us as a trainer and to to the horse. We are free to choose which style of training we want to follow. If we choose to follow choice-based training, then the horse has the freedom to choose too! Can it be possible that the horse will choose to be trained, to be engaged, to participate in our exercises, our sometimes-very-difficult-and-strenuous-exercies?

The answer is YES!!! Since I have found the choice-based training style, I’ve noticed a much more engaged and willing herd! (All four of my equines, soon to be extended to my brave 2-man papillion canine pack living in the house!) It’s quite amazing! In the past I was pretty much focused on the horse doing what I asked, or ‘obedience training’ and after experiencing the wonder, the ease, and the joy of choice-based training, I will never return.

Make your decision and follow it wholeheartedly!!!

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