Horse Boarding

Horse Boarding

Horse Boarding

Our mission is to maintain a clean, peaceful and harmonious environment for you and your horse so you can relax and enjoy yourself, and when you are away you will know your horse is taken care of.  We are located in the northwest part of Las Vegas, close to the veterinary clinic.

Stall sizes range from 16′ x 24′ to 12′ x 48′.  Our stalls have extensive shade cover and misters so your horse can get out of the heat.  Our outdoor stalls have Full Shade Cover in the summer and both Direct Sun and Shade in the winter.   Stalls are designed for wind block and heat distribution.

Included in the board is a high quality grass/alfalfa mix hay fed twice a day along with your unique supplements in the mornings.  Stalls are cleaned 2x per day and manure is removed promptly twice daily to keep flies at a minimum.  Two stall mats are included in the stall.  Choose between automatic watering system or bucket water.  We offer a spacious tack room, a restroom and a lounge with a fridge.  In addition, a large wash rack with adjacent grazing and small challenge course is available for your training.

You and your horse will notice the difference when you board at the ranch because we implement a successful fly control program that keeps the horses (and owners) comfortable.

In order to help the horses stay sound, our excellent footing in all the round pens and arenas is maintained on a regular basis.  We place an emphasis on dust control so you can enjoy your riding experience. The arenas on the property consist of a regulation sized Dressage Court, 20m x 60m, a 50 ft round pen and a 70 ft round pen also with excellent footing, maintained and dragged.    Horse properties surround the facility and often owners ride their horses in the neighborhood.

If you should desire riding instruction, horse training or problem resolution, or help with bio-mechanical issues, professional trainer is available.

Prices vary depending on stall size.  Full or Custom Care including turnout, bathing, riding, training, and stall pellets is also available.  Trailer parking is $15 monthly.

Overnight Horse Boarding is $30 per night per horse, includes hay.   If you need a place to park your rig, contact us as we have space and need advance notice.

Here are some comments from our boarders:  ” Why did I chose your barn?  You were actually interested in Me and what I wanted in a barn.  Easy location.  Value for the price.  Amazing detailed manager.  Calm energy with similar minded goal-oriented people who love learning.  Quality Hay, pristine water and feed buckets, perfectly groomed arena.  So many reasons really and not listed in particular order.  Just a safe fun welcoming home!”  S. J.

“Cloud Nine Ranch is a beautifully maintained, well-organized, cozy environment complete with two different-sized round pens and an extra large arena with excellent footing. All of our horse’s needs were anticipated, right down to his stall placement with compatible roomies, allowing him to quickly acclimate to the surroundings.” Robin D.

Call us for a tour at 702-326-9440.  We look forward to providing you with peace of mind!