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​What People Are Saying About ​ Lessons with Callie

Callie knows horses. She can read them and communicate with them. Every lesson, I learned a lot more than just riding. Callie opened my eyes to the depths one can go working with horses and, especially, how to gain a horse’s respect and trust.  Coming back to horseback riding as an adult can be terrifying at times… but she never pushed me past my comfort level… but actually gave me my confidence back. We developed such a strong foundation that I was eager to try new things. I became much more in-tune with my horse. I recommend Callie for older riders like me, who haven’t ridden in years, and beginners looking for a great foundation!  – Susanne R.

I am a 60 year old rider who has taken lessons from Callie since last spring. I would highly recommend her as an instructor and trainer. She changed my skills at riding dramatically. She is patient, kind and very knowledgeable. I truly enjoy the lessons and learn something new every session. I recently leased a horse form Callie so I can practice what I’m taught and couldn’t be more pleased. Her horses are very well trained and ideal for someone learning to ride properly. I can’t say enough good things about Callie, her horses and the stables she manages. Do yourself a favor and give her a call. You won’t regret it.  – Sue D.

My daughter Daria and I attended the Regina Liberatore Centered Riding Clinic at Callie Klein’s north Las Vegas Ranch this past weekend. It was an incredible learning experience for us and for my daughter’s thoroughbred gelding Jet. Neither Daria nor Jet had ever participated in an event “off premises” before, and this was the perfect, “safe” setting for their inaugural appearance.

Callie’s ranch is a beautifully maintained, well-organized, cozy environment complete with a round pen and an extra large arena with excellent footing. All of Jet’s needs were anticipated, right down to his stall placement with compatible roomies, allowing him to quickly acclimate to the unfamiliar surroundings.

By limiting the number of participants, riders of varying levels and disciplines were able to focus on their own individual needs and concerns in a relaxed atmosphere of camaraderie and encouragement. Moreover, Regina’s reassuring, enthusiastic teaching style is the perfect complement to Callie’s as both of them stress the principles of centered riding.

We could not have asked for better results! After three days, Daria and Jet reached a new level of confidence and communication in the saddle that they had, up until now, never achieved. Meanwhile, as an auditor, I was inspired to apply what I observed in the hopes of achieving an epiphany of my own.

Top it all off with a delicious catered lunch (which included some amazing baklava!), and it simply doesn’t get any better than this!  – Robin DiGiovanni

I am 14 and I am a hunter jumper rider. I rode with Callie in the 2012 Centered Riding Instructor Clinic. I really learned a tremendous amount of knowledge and I think that Callie is a wonderful instructor. I would recommend her to all levels of riders and all ages. She is very calming and down to earth. – Payton Wendler, 14

Coming back to horses as an older adult has been a mixed blessing… I have all the love and passion that I possessed when I was younger, but not the confidence. Since finding Centered Riding and working with Callie, however, my skill and confidence are returning and I’m loving riding all over again.

Callie has an amazing ability to explain the Centered Riding concepts in ways that make sense to ME for MY horse…and she always keeps things fun. I’ve also watched Callie’s lessons with her other students, regardless of riding discipline, and I always benefit (as does the student) and I am better for my horse. – Cindy R.

As an experienced Endurance Rider (riding over 50 miles in competition), I was looking for someone to help me improve my riding so I could I could ride longer with less pain. Centered Riding techniques helped me with my overall body movement and especially helped me reduce the tension I held in my ankles and knees.

I am now riding pain-free on shorter rides, and going 35 miles without pain on my long rides. The techniques Callie taught me gave me more relaxation and comfort. I also learned great moves for ground-work and gained much more respect from my horse. Thank you! – Laura L.