Walk Through Horses, Make Them Move Like The Alpha Does!

Walk Through Horses, Make Them Move Like The Alpha Does!

Today I was cleaning the grass turnout and my lesson-horse, Trixie, was really interested in joining me!  It was kind of interesting because as I was returning to the main arena, Trixie just stood there in front of me!  She’s the herd-alpha, by the way!  I asked her to move and she just stood there – whew, a little dominance move on her part!  So, I asked her to move again by touching her shoulders and neck area with my savvy string (Zone 2 in Parelli-language).  Then, she yielded her forehand, stepped sideways with her front feet, backed up, and moved over for me!   Yes, Trixie needed to move out of my way.   It’s much more savvy to have your horse move out of your way than for you to walk around your horse!

I learned from a natural horseman, years back, that when you want to go somewhere and the horse is standing in the way, it’s imperative to cause them to yield to you, meaning move, no matter how small it seems.  Horses Always move out of the way for the alpha!  If I want to go to the water tank, I just go there, and if there’s a horse in the way, it needs to just move over.  Too many times we walk around our horses and give them the right-of-way!  Oops!   Important!  This is another way to build leadership and healthy authority with our horses!

Stay cool!

3 Replies to “Walk Through Horses, Make Them Move Like The Alpha Does!”

  1. Calley Klein is by far an awesome teacher for her training technique and teaching you horsemanship .
    It is really nice to see how we can tell the horses or your horse how to ride and cooperate without forcing them by pressing your heals or any of that. I would send her to anyone she has patience of a saint. Thank you Calley I love training with you

  2. Btw
    Everyone should train like this. You will have a better horse and riding experience .
    Thank you Trixie you are truly sassy like me.

    1. Thank you Lexi for your Kind Comments. It means a lot to me that you took the time to write your comments. Thank YOU

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