Riding in Las Vegas can be Challenging in the Wind

Riding in Las Vegas can be Challenging in the Wind

Have you ever noticed a horse’s increased level of sensitivity in the wind? Have you ever just had to perform, like in a show?  Isn’t it cool when you Just Do It and your horse Just Does It too?   I love that!  You just focus, your horse focuses in on your thoughts, your determination, your Clear Intention, and then, wow, you are in your own separate world, just you and your horse.

I’ve been riding a lot in the wind lately because, well, there’s not much choice here in Las Vegas – spring winds are now part of the norm.   As I’m riding I’m trying to remember if in the past these winds really bothered us or bothered us just a little.    I remember one time when I was riding with a Grand Prix Instructor – it was a very special time for me – and yes, special kind of relates to the price I have to pay!   Oh well.    It was early morning and it was very cold (I almost said freezing cold, but that’s rare here).  The wind was blowing and  gusting like crazy.  Oh yes, I remember too that the HOA had a volunteer party in the arena and they were blowing the leaves away, running their tractor, and there was a yappy little chihuahua in the background barking and barking, in addition to the wind!  But my horse was amazing as usual.  He was just focused in on our task – which was to just be present and not blow up in the wind – keep us safe, perform whatever forward trot we could, consider and think about what a half halt is or might be cuz we had never heard that term before.   Isn’t it funny that I can’t remember much of what I heard from the instructor that day but I can remember everything else including that little doggie!  I do love doggies!

This is written with the best intentions – you can ride in the wind!  Your horse can focus on your Clear Intentions in the wind.  It’s up to you to be the leader.  It’s up to you to be calm.  It’s up to you to create the positive vibration you want your horse to feel.

Happy Horseback Riding in Las Vegas!

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