Why I Chose Centered Riding as my Specialty

Why I Chose Centered Riding as my Specialty

Horseback Riding Lessons Las Vegas​ is run by Callie Klein​ - ​the only Certified Centered Riding Instructor in Nevada.  

​I decided to become a Centered Riding Instructor after learning about the program and realizing that Centered Riding techniques are used by the best instructors in almost every discipline – they just don’t give credit to the Sally Swift, the author of Centered Riding and Centered Riding 2: Further Exploration.  

Many of the techniques and images taught in Centered Riding lessons and clinics are used the world-over by many instructors who have found the answers to Balance AND Harmony with the horse.

Many riding lesson instructors often tell us ‘what’ to do, which is so necessary – we need to know where to steer the horse, down the long side, turn left at B, etc.  However, sometimes we need help with knowing or learning the ‘how’ to do it.  Centered Riding techniques provide just the answer.  

​When you take horseback riding lessons with Callie Klein you will discover the missing pieces to the puzzle:  The How to Ride.  

You will learn with ease that these pieces are easy to put together while riding.  It’s also very simple and lots of fun.   After struggling for many years to find the missing links, Callie found them easily accessible with the Centered Riding Techniques.

Take a minute to look around the site, and give ​me a call – ​I would be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you might have.  


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